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What is the difference between Karaites and Talmudists?


Talmudists believe in the oral traditions beside the written Law of Moses, which were according to their rabbis given to Moses on Mount Sinai.

Talmudists claim that these traditions were transferred from generation to generation after the death of Moses.

Later, in the fear that these traditions would be forgotten, these traditions were written down and organized by the rabbis of the Talmudists.

Adherents of this teaching began to add to the biblical teaching more and more of their own comments that are in obvious contradiction to the Holy Scripture, or that change the true meaning of the biblical texts.

Theological disputes and disagreements gradually started to occur among the Talmudists and the different interpretations of laws emerged.

And so brooklets, brooks and rivers of new comments began to stream into the sea of rabbinical statements, which is known as the Mishna
h and Gemara, these together constitute the Talmud (for this reason followers of this doctrine are referred to as Talmudists).

Talmud began to spread among the people and the words contained in the Talmud, began to dictate the sense of God's words.

Karaites who follow only the Holy Scriptures, do not find a support for the Talmud in the Holy Scriptures, for this reason they are not (and never were) submitted to this new man-made teaching and they remain loyal sons of the ancient faith and follow the Law of Moses as it was (a long time before the Talmud) given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai.

Karaites became a separate and independent religious group that had no relations with the Talmudists.