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Where did the Crimean Karaites come from?


In the distant past, before the destruction of the Temple, Karaites began to move from the Holy Land into other countries.

Some of them settled in Egypt (where they established large communities in Alexandria and Cairo).

Some of them settled in Constantinople and in the town Hit on the Euphrates River.

Some of them also migrated through to Central Asia and the Caucasus and settled on the Black Sea coast, especially in the Crimean Peninsula.

Here Karaites settled in Çufut Kale, Mangup Kale and in Old Crimea (Solkhat) and Kafa (now Feodosia), from these towns they gradually migrated to the other Crimean towns, such as Evpatoriya, Sevastopol, Simferopol, etc.

The ancient Karaite settlement in Crimea testifies the ancient tombs discovered by our educated archaeologist Firkovich.

These tombstones are very old.

The oldest tombstone is from the year 6 before civil era.